10 Costly Outsourcing Mistakes: How a Consultant Can Save Your Call Center Strategy

Ah, the magical world of outsourcing, where call centers are outsourced to keep costs low and profits high. Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not always unicorns and rainbows. See, the truth is, outsourcing is a bit like walking a tightrope: one wrong step and it could send your entire operation spiraling out of control. Thankfully, here at Outsource Pros, are here to save your call center strategy from certain peril! Us caped crusaders will ensure you don’t plunge headfirst into your own outsourcing nightmare. So, buckle up as we navigate the treacherous waters of the 10 most common outsourcing mistakes and reveal how we can be the lighthouse guiding you (and your call center strategy) safely to shore.

Understanding the Value vs. Price Tradeoff

Welcome to the mind-boggling world of contact center outsourcing! If you’ve ever thought that choosing a call center based on price is the way to go, well, we’ve got news for you. In the magical land of Value vs. Price Tradeoff, we urge you to avoid succumbing to the mesmerizing lure of low-cost services. Sure, cheap rates can make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, but hold on, buddy! There’s a reason why they’re so affordable – and it’s probably not a good one. Picture this: you want to travel across the state and need some wheels. You could buy a bicycle because, hey, it’s cheap. But would you truly expect the same level of service and reliability as a state-of-the-art automobile? (Cue your exasperated “no.”) This little analogy holds when choosing a call center, too. Like the bicycle, a less expensive call center might, just maybe, come with its own set of issues and potential disasters. We’re not asking you to choose golden-plated customer service but do give the term “value for money” some serious thought. Sometimes investing a bit more is a wiser decision for the well-being of your precious business. After all, no one likes a penny-wise-pound-foolish approach – not even your customers.

Creating Robust User & Vendor Requirements

Ah, the mysterious world of user and vendor requirements. Sounds like a nerve-wracking thriller novel, doesn’t it? If only! Instead, it’s just a fancy way of saying ‘what you want and expect from your outsourcing partner. Sounds simple right? But let’s not make that mistake of oversimplification. Here’s where the real game begins. Let’s create a scenario – You are buying a loaf of bread, you expect it to be fresh, soft, and well, bread-ish. Now try applying this to contact center vendors, not quite the same simplicity, right? That’s because your business isn’t a supermarket aisle, it’s more like a life-or-death cooking show (only less tears). Therefore, you need clarity on what you need and want in your outsourced contact center partner, sealed neatly in a document, like the Dead Sea Scrolls of Call Center Land. Have no fear, Outsource Pros is here! A group of seasoned contact-center-jedis, who know all about tales of interpretation-gone-wrong, can help. Providing a helping hand, right from outlining crystal-clear expectations and circling everything in bright red ink, if necessary. There should be no room for a vendor to misinterpret, say, ‘world-class customer service’ as just ‘answering calls within 20 seconds. No no no, amigo! We want our customer issues resolved in the first call! No ‘phone-tag’ games here! And that’s how Shakespeare might have said, “Let there be clear-cut user and vendor requirements!” After all, the power to avoid outsourcing mishaps lies in the details, and in the hands of your trusty Outsource Pro sidekick.

Fostering Communication & Engagement

Ah, communication and engagement, the heart and soul of any healthy relationship. And guess what? Your relationship with your BPO is no different. That’s right, your BPO partner isn’t just some random vendor that you can sit back and hand off all your troubles to. Oh no, they’re in it for the long haul, committed to helping you grow your business – but only if you are willing to put in the time and effort to create a strong, lasting partnership. Speaking of effort, let’s talk about the big bad “I” word: Information. When you start your beautiful relationship with the BPO, it’s essential to share everything that can affect their performance. Trust us, your BPO partner will be chomping at the bit to help you succeed, but they can only do that if you keep them in the loop. You wouldn’t leave your significant other hanging without the necessary context, now, would you? The same goes for your BPO partner! So, let’s sum it up. Embrace the fact that you and your BPO are in this together. It’s time to have those heart-to-hearts, share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and most importantly, nurture that blossoming partnership. Because remember, when you foster communication and engagement, you’re setting the stage for a magical outsourcing love affair that’s bound to save your call center strategy.

The Importance of Training

Ah, the irony of undertrained contact center agents—the delightful experience of repeating your account number umpteen times only to be met with, “Can you hold for a moment?” as they presumably flip through a medieval tome to find your records. To avoid transforming your customers into keyboard-smashing hulks, an inkling of proper training doesn’t just help—it’s a necessity. Crafting a training program that fits snugly with the BPO’s efforts like peanut butter and jelly isn’t rocket science; it’s more like making a killer sandwich. It’s about ensuring seamless service with a dollop of personal touch—and that’s where the quirky charm of an outside consultant comes in. We’ve got the sauce to marry your high standards with the BPO’s methods in holy matrimony. Skimp on this, and your customer’s frustration might just be the only thing that’s consistently trained.

Keeping Tabs on the Right KPIs

Well, bless your cotton socks if you thought tracking ‘How many donuts your team eats on a Monday’ as a KPI was vital. The essentials are Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution, and Call Abandonment rates. Now, remember, these babies are essential, not just because I mentioned them, but they truly aid in Client Bliss 101. Now, if your Monday blues (or indigestion from all the donuts) makes these tricky, an Outsider Consultant (OC) could be your knight in polished spectacles. Our OC’s can do the number juggling, creating an easy-understand report for your team. And there you have it! Efficient analytics without breaking a single sweat. Well, unless you’re still eating those Monday donuts.

The Power of Data Analysis

Ah, the Power of Data Analysis. It’s like the cool kid in school everyone wishes to be allies with, but only if used wisely can it turn you into the homecoming queen. Think of it as digging for gold in data form. The more raw, brutal and dirty the information, the better the bounty. Just like a goldsmith, you need to polish and refine it till you strike gold. Here’s where we at Outsource Pros come into the picture. With the precision of a seasoned prospector, we sift through this messy pile of data psychosis, helping you make business decisions that Gandalf would approve of. Get ready to shout, “Eureka”! Keep in mind, drinking water from a fire hose can be refreshing, but only when you can control the pressure. Remember folks, data analysis: not as exciting as catching a golden snitch, but crucial, nonetheless. So put on your mining hats and get diggin’ for those golden nuggets!


Ah, we finally reach the end. Here’s the golden wrapper – an Outside Consultant. A real knight in shining armor, right? Yanking you back onto the strategy saddle, we’re like your GPS through the jungle of ‘outsourcing’. Ignoring their expertise might just be the final nail in your strategy-coffin. In the wild roller-coaster ride of being a call center, every mistake missed is a penny saved, a customer not lost, perhaps even an ulcer avoided! So, press pause on the self-destruction. Steer away from these beastly pitfalls and watch your call center burst into its best version yet. If not for you, do it for your therapist’s peace of mind.

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