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A California-based logistics company was looking to outsource their dispatch operations to a state with less restrictive employment hurdles and where the labor cost was more affordable. After learning their requirements in great detail, including budget, agent skill set, and preferred physical location, we presented three tailored options that our client wasn’t able to find on their own.
We then guided our client through the RFP process and mediated communications to ensure the vendors understood our client’s exact requirements, leading to optimal pricing. Additionally, we scheduled site tours and provided an in-depth review of each vendor option.

Once the vendor was selected, we guided the client through the implementation process. This included contract negotiation, IT set up, software and telephony testing, pilot programs, recruit interviews, training and finally, project launch. For the past six years, our client has requested more help from our experienced team to help source new vendors as the company expands to more states across the country.

Why? Because we don’t shortcut the process. Each time the company wants to find a new site, we go through the same process diligently to ensure we find the perfect match.
To this day, we remain involved in all aspects of our client’s outsourcing operations with multiple vendors. We participate in weekly calibration sessions between our client and the different vendors where we provide insights and advice to our client and help identify any potential issues in the daily call reports.